Budapest Open 2016 (March 2016, Budapest) is the upcoming fifth edition of the first annual international British Parliamentary debate tournament taking place in Hungary, and one of the most significant international university student events in the region. As a result of enthusiastic cooperation between volunteer students and debate societies from the Central European UniversityCorvinus University of Budapest and ELTE University, Budapest finally obtained its deserved place on the map of debate contests.

The competition, in its largest edition yet, is set to welcome 72 teams from all over the world, including our neighbours from Central Europe but also much further, from universities in the United States, Qatar, Russia and beyond. Navigate the menus to find out more about past editions and check back soon for updates!


Debate as an activity embodies and fosters all the values of a well-functioning democratic society. It aids the evolution of an engaged, active and responsible citizenry through enhanced critical thinking and argumentation skills. By expanding our understanding of different dilemmas and controversies in our society, it gives us a way of resolving our misunderstandings and conflicts in a peaceful manner. When not hard at work on Budapest Open, the debate societies of CEU, Corvinus and ELTE universities organize weekly debate trainings which everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience level or university affiliation. Subscribe to our upcoming events here and here!

We hope that with this event we will achieve a dual goal: on the one hand, the promotion of formalized debate in Hungary and in the region, and on the other hand, with contestants arriving from all corners of the world, we will be able to show them this beautiful city and our world-class universities.

See a report from Budapest Open 2015: